Posted by: VxJasonxV | August 29, 2005

WordPress Enabled (a.k.a. Hello World)

VxJasonxV is enabled!

I don’t know what I’m going to do with this blog quite yet, I have enough of them already :P.

I think I’ll start with a Blogging/Wordpress related blog, and then expand from there.

Quick shouts to donncha (oh, and also, donncha on for the invite.


  1. welcome to the wordpress bandwagon. although difficult (or impossible) to customize, it’s neat and fast.

  2. Welcome Jason 🙂

  3. Jason, do I know you? 🙂 (re:

  4. No, you don’t know me, I was just suprised to see someone outside of the blogosphere (that is, outside of my blogosphere, immediate and extended) crossing over from another piece of software I’m a fan of (Jabber).

    i.e. I know io_error from IRC, and I know you from the PSI site/forums, both being very different social circles (IMO), and now seeing them both together was just a bit of a surprise.

    That’s all :D.

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