Posted by: VxJasonxV | February 12, 2007

Why I love XMMS2, Reason # 18195

Last night, I was feeling kinda crappy, and didn’t want to sit in a chair. Laying down sounded like a great idea.
But, without sitting in my chair, I can’t pick and choose the tunes I wanted to listen too. Woe is me, for I wouldn’t have my favorite music to sooth the rumbling savage beast from within!

But wait, XMMS2 is here to save the day!
All I had to do was install the XMMS2 clientlib, install my choice of client, and XMMS2’s TCP communication does the rest!

However, there’s a snafu; the music only plays AT THE SERVER. In a stock XMMS2 setup, you can have a client anywhere, but the server will be the only source of actual audio output.
(The exception comes when you use an output plugin such as ices and stream to an icecast server, but that’s for another entry.)

For me, this was a non-issue. My server/xmms2d was in the same room, so all I had to do was turn on the speakers (and since it was 11PM and getting later by the minute, plug in headphones as well).

I laid in bed with headphones on, typing away on a laptop. Also using gxmms2 on that laptop to control an application on a desktop I wasn’t sitting at.
No delay in communication either, the server responded as soon as I sent the request from the gxmms2 client.

Another trivial but still cool feature is that all the processes on the server run like normal. (Obvious, but still cool.)
gx2osd (see my previous post on the subject) ran like normal, which I noticed after after connecting over x11vnc to my desktop.
xmms2-scrobbler continued to submit played songs, and gxmms2 on the server ran like normal, receiving all the playback statuses, playlist changes, and so on.

In short, I never had to leave my bed, and wound up falling asleep with my headphones still on.

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