Posted by: VxJasonxV | March 14, 2007

Apparently my idea is not as grandoise as others?

I’ve been reading through some responses to the roll out of OpenID here on WordPress, and I was fairly surprised…

I’ll open with the post I just made to the forum thread where I initially asked for the re-discussion of OpenID support.

People seem to want WordPress to be a Consumer in the manner of letting them log in and manage their blogs with an OpenID.

This would be nice, but it’s a BIG second step.
I would much rather SOONER see WordPress consume OpenIDs for visitor comments.

I left a comment on one of the many posts talking about this, stating that “I would sooner rather the ability to have my LiveJournal friends come comment with a set identity, and not HAVE to sign up for a account.”

This isn’t just LiveJournal either. LJ, MyOpenID, vIdentity. I sooner want to see OpenID commenters.
FWIW, LiveJournal’s integration lets you sign in / up with an openid, and have a friends list, but not a blog nor their gallery software stuff.

This is a totally acceptible solution, to me, for now. (Ideally I do want to see it expanded to OpenID based accounts everywhere, if not using a provided one, but I understand that that would create the need for a massive overhaul in the WordPress users/roles system.)

LiveJournal’s initial implementation of OpenID support was absolutely stellar. I can log in using my infamous one line and one click, and then I can comment as I care.
I don’t need YAB (Yet Another Blog), I don’t need YAG (Yet Another Gallery), but the bonus of having a friends page and a fully capable profile is really nice. It’s a nice extra considering that I was obviously there for a reason.

Now I want the reverse. All of my LiveJournal friends have an OpenID, so I would like to invite them over here to comment. But I don’t want them to have to signup, and I don’t want them to have to fill out nonsense that can be easily EASILY faked every single time.

Please WordPress, support consuming identities. If nowhere else than comments for now.
Keep working at it, make it better, but allow external users to comment with an identity.

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