Posted by: VxJasonxV | July 26, 2007

Why does every (Mac) Widget for Microsoft Products suck?

Not without a touch of irony, Xbox 360 Gamercard widgets SUCK.

Every, single, one of them.
And it’s all for 2 simple problems, and I have never seen these problems exist in any other Widget I’ve used.

1) Why, oh why, do they not UPDATE whenever things change?
I have multiple Gamercard widgets running in tandem, watching a few key friends’ gamercards. I noticed the other day that someone’s list of recently played games hadn’t changed. I check itself, and that individual played plenty of new games over the last week.

So I click on the (i) configuration button and resubmit his gamertag, oh look, it refreshed, score, karma, and game list updated.
I touch the dashboard once a day, all my other widgets poll and update after a set period of time, why the hell can’t these widgets do it too?

2) I run multiple Gamercard widgets in tandem, and after a reboot, they all start showing the EXACT SAME GAMERCARD!
This pisses me off most of all.

I run multiple weather widgets, they all remember their respective Zip Code and Measurement Unit settings.
I used to run multiple World Clock widgets (before I found the Simple World Clock widget). They all saved their respective timezones.
I run two Gmail widgets for two different accounts. They remember their own settings.

So why the hell, do THREE DIFFERENT Gamercard widgets, suck so badly by comparison?
Not to mention that one of them doesn’t even save the gamertag! After a reboot, you have to re-input the gamer tag to see it again.

It’s an absolute joke, and it annoys me immensely.


  1. Yes, the available widgets suck. That’s why we wrote our own. You can check it out at:

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