Posted by: VxJasonxV | August 28, 2007

Terminology Woes

A certain abbreviation has been thrown at me by the same person time and time again, and I shudder every time I hear it. I believe he made up this abbreviation all his own, and he’s just off in his own little world when he uses it. However, I know that every group of people has their own “slang” (so to speak) and different ways of talking about something, so in an effort to gauge whether or not this term is more common than I think, I ask you;

I2S (literally spoken: eye two ess)
In the context of Computers and Technology:

(1) What does this term mean to you? What is this term an abbreviation for?
(2) What could it mean?

Comments are open for all, and I’ll follow up in a week with the actual meaning of this term (around work), and opinions based off your responses.


  1. Microsoft IIS comes to mind.

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