Posted by: Blog Bot | February 10, 2008

Ma.gnolia Links from Feb 03 to Feb 10

Microsoft, Yahoo! and the Effect on OpenID – ReadWriteWeb

Live ID + BBAuth = OpenID?
An authentication speculation should Microsoft takeover Yahoo!

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Copy arbitrary text to clipboard, via flash

I hesitate to use this, because I can see a big big reason why this would be a horrible thing, just the ability to screw with users’ clipboards randomly/arbitrarily.

I guess this is why things like the “Flash Click-to-View” Firefox extension exists.

It can be terribly helpful, but it can be terribly hurtful.

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(Greasemonkey) User Script Compiler

Turn any Greasemonkey userscript into a Firefox Extension (xpi).

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75-year-old woman smashes up local Comcast office with hammer | IP Telephony, VoIP, Broadband |

Breakin’ the Law, Breakin’ the Law (and ultimately being served a slap on the wrist). A great hero in the digital age!

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