Posted by: VxJasonxV | December 26, 2008

Guess I Won’t Be Around Anymore (as if I ever really was)

Someone awesome, and near and dear to me, bought me a permanent account. (See?)

That pretty much sealed the deal that I’m not going to use anything else unless LiveJournal does something really stupid. And in their 8(?) years of existence, that really stupid thing has been continuing to exist in a data center that gives you a solid 24+ hours of downtime once a year. 😛
But they have rectified that this year!

The last paragraph was very anecdotal and tongue-in-cheek and I didn’t really mean it. Every service makes mistakes, no one is safe.

I think the biggest reason why I’m leaving is the fact that WordPress is a great publishing platform, but it’s seriously lacking in the “community” aspect. Sure, WP has the tag surfer, site-wide logins, multiple authors per blog, but that’s just scratching the surface.

Sure I can roll my own aggregator, but, I dunno. I’ve never really done anything with this blog anyways, so it’s not really that big of a deal to me. 🙂

6 years and about $275 (not necessarily all paid by me), LiveJournal is my now-permanent home. I love your progression WordPress, but I’ll be next door. Thanks for all the work, keep it up.


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